Sunday, March 10, 2013

First and foremost

I have started other blogs and have lacked but as I was sitting in Relief Society today I got the impression that I needed, whether for myself or for someone else out there, to start this blog.   I spend a lot of time in my own thoughts and most of our own reflections of the world is our own perceptions. That is what this blog is. My own thoughts. I will quote the scriptures and the general authorities and even people close to me but the thoughts and reactions to their thoughts are mine and mine alone. 
I also will not argue. I accept everyone has their own thoughts as I have mine but my blog is not made for me to debate... Its made for me to have an outlet and if you so feel to read and respond, then I am ok, but if the direction does not feel uplifting I will not continue it.
Here is a little about myself. I was born into an LDS family. My father was raised in Utah and met my mother while working in a Radio Shack in 1976 in Pendleton, Or and they got married June 4, 1977. My mother is a convert to the church and my parent were sealed in the temple December 12, 1987. I am old enough to remember going and being a part of the wonderful temple ceremony and that has always been a blessing to me. My family growing up struggled with staying active in the church but when I was in Young Womens I went as much as I could and I took my little brother with me too. Little did he know he kept me going as much as I kept him going. I met some amazing people in the singles ward and we have become best friends throughout the years and I met my eternal companion there. In the middle of all that I also served a mission in the Oklahoma Tulsa Mission. I now have a wonderful husband and an amazing 5 year old son and my life has trials, like everyone else..... But Heavenly Father loves us all.