Sunday, April 14, 2013

Conference Spring 2013

There were so many good talks that I heard but there was one that I just read yesterday that was from Elder Dieter Utchdorf called " Four Titles" and he has always caught my attention. The quote that I loved that he said  was this;

"We have all seen a toddler learn to walk. He takes a small step and totters. He falls. Do we scold such an attempt? Of course not. What father would punish a toddler for stumbling? We encourage, we applaud, and we praise because with every small step, the child is becoming more like his parents."

This was brought up in Relief Society today and I have been thinking about it a lot. I have been trying to focus more on the positive. We have been very busy the last few weeks. We had Easter the last weekend in March and then Conference weekend the first weekend in April and this weekend we were in Seattle again. I do not think that the people whom I have been surrounded around realize the strength I have felt.
This quote touches me because I have been especially working with the infants/toddlers and I have a few babies that are on the verge of walking and it is so exciting to see them get up and go. I see them fall to their knees and yet I do find myself clapping my hands in accomplishment for the steps they have taken. I do not focus on the stumble. So why do we? We are all striving to become better everyday and if we could see beyond our existence we would see our Father in Heaven cheering us on for our "steps" we took as we became closer to Him.
As we falter, which we will there is a plan in place that will help us get back on our path. This is what purpose the Savior had. We cannot know everything that he endured and did for each one of us and we can not ever repay our debts for His sacrifice. We are so blessed for the atonement and resurrection. Easter has become a very spiritual time for me. I love Christmas because we celebrate the birth of Christ but He gave Himself to die for us and be resurrected. Resurrection to me means no more aliments as well as the atonement which gives us forgiveness and repentance. It is all encompassing and I am so grateful for a loving Redeemer who gave Himself so freely so that we could have all that we have now.