Sunday, March 16, 2014

unknown blessing

  Yesterday there was a girl who showed up at my house when my hubby was at work. She said that her company was in the area and they were doing free cleaning and they would clean an entire room. I really wanted to believe her. I have to get my house sparkly clean for tomorrow so I had a very hard time saying no, but something made me say yes. If anything I needed help. So I went on cleaning until two different people showed up none of whom I was expecting.
  One guy immediately got on his phone to say the presentation was starting and he left. It was for a vacuum company. My heart sunk alittle. I was stuck. So I sat there as this young man did his thing and then he noticed my picture of the Salt Lake Temple on the wall. He asked me if I was a member and I said yes and he said he used to be. I asked him what he meant and he said he got baptized when he was younger but he wasn't going at the present time....OK soap box time... I have a really hard time when people take a break from going to church because they say they used to go but they are STILL members... Off my box... During the time that he was there I talked to him as much as he tried to sell me the vacuum. He was baptized at 13 he is 18 now. Born in the Dominican Republic and his family is scattered all over the world. He is the only member and I know how that feels. I told him that he can always go back. I saw many sparks of hope in him and deep down in my heart I hope and pray that he felt the spirit.
  I needed him to come as much as he needed to come. I have been struggling myself through my own demons and it is tough. Satan knows right where to get me and if I had the choice to go or stay. (We all do.) I would never walk away from the gospel that has brought so much peace and blessings in my life. I know the gospel is true and there is nothing that can turn me away. Many have tried to push me the other way and I will not turn my back on what I know is true. Amen.

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